Care and maintenance

In order for your coaster to retain its luster and to prevent cracking, avoid immersing in water. This product is not dishwasher safe. Make a habit of cleaning the surface after use.

  1. Using a small scrub brush, apply a drop of dish soap and warm water to the surface and lightly rub.
  2. With a damp cloth, wipe off excess foam and soap.
  3. Blot excess moisture with a dry cloth.
  4. Leave to air dry for several hours.
  5. Use # 220 fine sandpaper to remove dents. Be sure to sand in the direction of the grain and over the entire surface to retain a smooth finish
  6. Apply a thin layer of mineral oil to the product as soon as the wood begins to fade.

To remove stains left by certain foods, rub with a lemon, coated with coarse salt before rinsing and wiping.

To deep clean your product

Before and after use, clean with warm, soapy water and disinfect, if necessary, with a solution of bleach (5 ml of bleach per 750 ml of water).