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The knife Reinvented

Maison Milan has elevated what a knife can traditionally be. With its sturdy cast-iron handle, the knife stands on its own, upright. The authentic solid walnut blade is easy to wield as it slices through lettuce and other vegetables with no fuss.

This reinvention of the knife comes courtesy of designer Chifen Cheng in collaboration with Maison Milan. The butt of the handle grinds salt, pepper, spices, and nuts effortlessly, like a mortar and pestle. The wide wooden blade is also just right for scooping ingredients into a pan.

Easy to grip, loved by kids, and approved by parents, this new-look cast-iron and wood knife has standout appeal in any kitchen.

Imagine it adding an unmistakeable touch of elegance to yours!

Design by Chifen Cheng
for Maison Milan

Knife Couteau Couteau


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Tony Gaudette

Tony Gaudette, president

I like to push the limits of traditional kitchen objects, in both functionality and design. A knife that cuts, crushes, and can be used to move ingredients, in a project that combines Maison Milan’s vision and Chifen Cheng’s creativity. Such a beautiful collaboration could only lead to one thing: the knife, redefined.

Chifen Cheng

Chifen Cheng, designer

As a designer, I’m deeply inspired by the way lines and shapes intersect space and wish to translate this visual consequence into a product that is honest and good to live with. This knife is a high performance tool for vegetables to improve the freshness of your ingredients and the efficiency of your preparation while stimulating your sense. A knife that stands proudly on your kitchen countertop.

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